'Hello Poppy Lee' shares her Microblading Experience!

Brisbane Blogger Poppy recorded her experience of the Microblading process, aka Feather Touch Brows, and I'm so happy to share this with you all! Poppy has already lovely brow growth, and as a mum with two little ones she wanted to save a few minutes in the morning from her beauty routine! 

First, Melissa shaped Poppy's eyebrows using one of the measuring sticker tools, and drew the shape to suit her face shape, brow structure, hair growth and desired results! Once shaped, a numbing cream was applied and Poppy was free to check in on her emails again before beginning the Cosmetic Tattoo process!

Melissa kept the colour soft but dark enough in the first appointment to ensure the colour is to too heavy! It is always easier to make them darker if needed next time! You can see how dark the brows sometimes appear within the first few days, and sometimes they even flake a little! Following aftercare is so important to achieve maximum results - just like Poppy did! As you can see, sometimes the strokes appear a little lighter between the first and second week due to the new skin healing. In week three the colour comes back to life, and any additional strokes are added at your follow up!